Scott "Cyclops" Summers (rubyshades) wrote,
Scott "Cyclops" Summers

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Dreaming in Color

Life gets tedious when everything is red, even the contrast of vibrant reds to dull ones, dark to light, it's all so droning. It's become so hard to imagine colors, time's passage isn't helping me any. I do remember there being something other than ruby tints to the world, but it was so long gone that I've experienced the yellows and oranges of fall...the blue skies. A simple memory can't last forever.

Red streets, red walls, red everything. I've comtemplated just tearing those cursed shades off several times, but it'll do so little for my needs. The only thing I've come to know close enough are those auburn locks of Jean's hair. I'm afraid I'm denied even that pleasure, Jean's beauty far exceeds anything I've known whether shaded in red or not. I just know there's a rainbow of reds within even the red of her hair. I don't have the comfort of seeing them through the confines I'm in. It's frustrating beyond all things imaginable. If only once, for even a few seconds I might see her in true color...I could forever live my life on just that.

Someday, Jean. For now I'll be dreaming of you in color. It's hardly a justice, but it's all I have.
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