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Seeing Red [entries|friends|calendar]
Scott "Cyclops" Summers

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Farther Into the Beast. [August 22nd, 2003 @ 4:49PM]
[ mood | worried ]

Hopefully Logan will have better chances at aligning Danger Room sessions than myself. I have in any case been busy helping the Professor with his own cut of work, he's been truely set on solving this whole episode of our mystery villian. I have my worries with this as well, at times he trails off in a conversation into a pensive state of silence. I only hope he's in better light of our situation than he makes himself out to be. It's somewhat frustrating to be left out of his knowledge. I suppose I've grown too used to the idea of being well informed.

I haven't spoken with Jean much either, she has her hands full with the current Rogue emergency. The entire story behind that isn't within my knowing right now, but I can say that to have a loss of members right now is doing us no good. I expect everyone to be on their toes, the Professor has granted some relief in that there is a lead on our suspect. It may only be a matter of time before the battle is staged.

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Here We Go Again. [August 12th, 2003 @ 10:29AM]
[ mood | exhausted ]

Last night's scheduled Danger Room session was a flub. Only Hank decided to show for it and despite his insisting to continue with the slight flaw in team members, I want to see everyone present. If anyone hasn't realized this by now then I don't how else to say it: the X-Men are a team. There's no excuse for cutting sessions. I know you two, Bobby and Warren, have had enough experience to acknowledge your duties as an X-Man. Either be there or tell me you can't make it. Don't assume I know everything. ...I'll be expecting explainations, if you fail to convince me I won't think twice about getting the Professor involved. The last thing we need is a team fighting like amateurs against Lord knows what.

I know I haven't spent much time logging anything but lectures, but until this outfit shapes up, it'll have to do.

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Absences from Logging [July 26th, 2003 @ 4:57PM]
[ mood | frustrated ]

The previous week's been so...I'll say disorderly--that I haven't even had the opportunity to log in here. Granted, a few people haven't helped in the slightest with my work load. Extra Danger Room sessions for those untitled few will be served, expect other demerits as well. Hopefully no one else will go waltzing off without my or the Professor's consent; I don't appreciate having to be the one cracking the whip constantly. If school rules continue to be disobeyed I won't stand by and allow it. Be warned and make the wise decision. I am not your mother. I do not wish to watch over everyone like children. That said, I wish our refugees a pleasant vacation. Enjoy the freedom, there's several cleaning duties waiting for your return at your arrival.

Everyone else will stand by regular schedule. Drake, I want a word with you. Unless you've decided to take leave also.

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A Ray of Light [July 17th, 2003 @ 1:55PM]
[ mood | relieved ]

Well...looks like we have our residential jokester back. Just to clear things up: No, Bobby, I'm not going to soften up your Danger Room sessions just because you had a near death experience. Mind you, I'm glad to see you're back--now don't push it, kid.

It seems the nightmares have stopped, but it worries me. It relates to something the Professor told me once: "there's calm before a storm". Even more so, I'm worried about Jean...she's been slightly distant lately. In any case, she can tell me tonight over dinner. I've been wanting to take her out for a while coming, but with all the recent events time's been short--atleast one of us had the right mind to ask. And it wasn't me either. I'll see you then, Jean.

On a different note, I'd like to extend my own welcome to our new student, Kurt. I trust everyone'll pitch in for a warm welcome.

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[July 14th, 2003 @ 11:36AM]
[ mood | sympathetic ]

Jean gave me news last night of a certain ordeal between Mystique and Piotr.

Don't worry, I'm not here to condemn anyone. If anything I just mean to share my condolences. I'm sorry things had to happen this way.

Elsewise, I went to check up on Drake yesterday--it seems I nearly intruded on someone else's visiting hours. Something tells me that Bobby never realized how much he was a part of everyone's life here, I take part of that blame in running him too hard...

Lord knows I regret that now.

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Drawing the Line. [July 5th, 2003 @ 9:06PM]
[ mood | pensive ]

It's fair enough to say things have gotten slightly more out of hand than I wished to admit. Drake's condition is worsening. Hank checked in with me only moments after his last visit, it seems that Bobby's fallen into a coma of some sort. Though Hank saw that coming a while back, now that it's happened I fear for everyone's safety. Mostly, for all I've said about Bobby, the team will never be the same without his juvenille antics.

Drake, get yourself together and wake up, or I'll personally take offence. I mean that.

I still can't reach the professor, either. On my best judgement, I'm calling all Danger Room sessions off. I just hope we can figure this out before we actually suffer any loses.


Again. [June 26th, 2003 @ 9:23PM]
[ mood | tired ]

Whether it's purely coincedence or not, this rapid succession of nightmares seems slightly off-center. I spoke with Warren this morning. He nearly fell asleep in the Danger Room the previous afternoon and it seems his condition is only worsening. Even Bobby, for all the sugar he consumes daily, kept dozing off in front of the televsion.

I been meaning to speak with the Professor, but he's been in such a crammed schedule that I haven't even dared.

As for myself, I'm going to bring this to a close. For all I know I could just be delirious from the lack of sleep.

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Sandman's Cold Touch [June 22nd, 2003 @ 8:51PM]
[ mood | worried ]

The brown eyes of Scott Summers peered out the window to the cloud-dotted world beyond with a radiant energy of enthusiastic youth. Seated beside him was a younger blonde-headed boy, who was grinning just as much. Even within Scott's subconscious he couldn't place a name on the boy, yet the scene was so familar. Up front he could glimpse the outlines silhoutted against the pale blue background...

The ship gave a jerk, as though it were a pinball richoting about--hands swept him from his seat, forcing straps around his body, he could make out faint sounds of panic. The younger boy, face stained with tears, was pressed up to Scott with sudden haste. Without time to comprehend, they were both shunned to the outside...falling freely. From beyond the whistling of the wind against his ears, Scott could hear the fire tearing away at something above. Then all went silent, a blast wretching the metal bird apart and setting fire to the parachute which Scott had absent mindedly pulled. It slid down the ropes and snagged the youth whose silent screaming increased ten-fold. The wind whipped the boy from Scott's grip, a pleading hand outstretched as flames continued to consume his feeble body. Until...it cloaked him and spit back out in all directions gradually taking a shape. The silence broke with a deafening bird's cry, the firey entity making to claim Scott's limp hand. From within the center a female figure reached out her hand, inches from Scott's face, with the same pleading look that the boy had given him. The flame went out before their hands could meet, and she fell...

"JEAN!" The call was desperate, his mind still adjusting from the nighttime vision to reality. But he reached out to the spot beside him, mind only easing slightly at the touch of Jean's shoulder. Beads of cold sweat ran along the traces of his ruby confines. Finding her hand with his own quaking, he clasped it. She'd already risen, distraught at his erratic behavoir and offered a soothing hand to his cheek. There were no words between them, his need to know her existance pulled them together...that was all the comfort he needed.


Never a Dull Day. [June 18th, 2003 @ 3:17PM]
[ mood | exhausted ]

Yesterday was quite interesting...I'm a bit glad that things did happen as they did. Jean said most of what needed to be said, so I'll just agree with her. I can't say how grateful I am to have her to just talk with, I'd never get the same response from anyone else. Not even the Professor, whom I'm hoping will return sometime within the next day or so. Two days ago he left to rendezvous a second time with this one girl's family that was considering enrollment.

He called this morning, I suppose he didn't want to spook anyone. Either way, he seemed slightly distressed. Things were going so smoothly and he nearly had the family signing the papers to enroll...it's a shame they suddenly pulled back. I haven't heard much else on the matter, other than to expect him back either tonight or the following morning.

Speaking of which, I want the mansion cleaned up before his arrival. That means everyone, especially you Drake. I thought I mentioned to stop building snow forts and snowmen in the school's halls. You'll be doing mopping duty, I want to see all those puddles gone.


Dreaming in Color [June 16th, 2003 @ 7:20PM]
[ mood | exhausted ]

Life gets tedious when everything is red, even the contrast of vibrant reds to dull ones, dark to light, it's all so droning. It's become so hard to imagine colors, time's passage isn't helping me any. I do remember there being something other than ruby tints to the world, but it was so long gone that I've experienced the yellows and oranges of fall...the blue skies. A simple memory can't last forever.

Red streets, red walls, red everything. I've comtemplated just tearing those cursed shades off several times, but it'll do so little for my needs. The only thing I've come to know close enough are those auburn locks of Jean's hair. I'm afraid I'm denied even that pleasure, Jean's beauty far exceeds anything I've known whether shaded in red or not. I just know there's a rainbow of reds within even the red of her hair. I don't have the comfort of seeing them through the confines I'm in. It's frustrating beyond all things imaginable. If only once, for even a few seconds I might see her in true color...I could forever live my life on just that.

Someday, Jean. For now I'll be dreaming of you in color. It's hardly a justice, but it's all I have.


It's just one of those days. [June 11th, 2003 @ 6:37PM]
[ mood | discontent ]

Luck Lady shuns me again. More precisely, the one day the Professor is off conferencing with parents of potential students--and I'm left to oversee--that the mansion would be infiltrated. Notwithstanding that a careless move on my part almost cost Piotr his life. I can't help but feel a rightfully fitting swell of guilt. The Professor did give me his unquestioning trust in being able to handle all operations within school boundaries, and I faltered on a moment when I could've ended the conflict cleanly. Even now, I realize that I could've prevented most of what had occurred had I been more level headed. I suppose for now I can come off being grateful that Piotr is well.

Naturally the Professor will be informed of everything in his absence, but that doesn't mean I won't dread that conversation. Everyone else will be notified of the incident as well, students and all. There's no telling if there will be any further attacks. I have reasonable doubt to believe that it's a highly probably possibility, yet I'm not willing to gamble the lives of students any more than I have.

I'm afraid I've spooked Jean, much as I've attempted to calm her in the time proceeding the event. I've honestly tried to tell her that my life was never in jeopardy several times this far. I don't mean to upset her, or hurt her--I never do, I never will. I didn't even want to mention this to her. I just know if I hadn't confronted her and she did find out--well, despite my intentions, I'm sure it'd hurt her much more than I can bargain for.

...Everyone's safe, I'm counting my blessings.

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Here's hoping. [June 7th, 2003 @ 11:22AM]
[ mood | indifferent ]

Hoping that a certain Robert Drake doesn't rub off on a new student arrival. That shouldn't be too much of a problem at this moment, actually. Considering that Bobby'll probably be too busy getting a full understanding of what too much alcohol in one night'll do, rather than running amuck causing all sorts of trouble. I only regret that Hank was forced to keep an eye on him all through last night--even though I shot off at Hank, I'm grateful he did go along. Jean probably sensed it also.

If there's one thing I've learned out of knowing Hank, he's always one step ahead of the game. I've more than a general assumption that he was only along to see that the others learned a lesson. I've also more than a general assumption that some people might do well in thanking him for making it home in one piece.

Lastly, I suppose I owe an apology...Jean. I'd say everything you want to hear from me, but I've got a feeling you already know.

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I won't say I'm not surprised. [June 5th, 2003 @ 7:57PM]
[ mood | frustrated ]

It's typical that Warren and Bobby would be stirring up some sort of trouble. Natch, I'd only expect that of them--possibly even Ms. Frost whom, I've no bias in saying, should consider her words before she says them. But never--NEVER--in my life would I have thought any of them to pull something so incredibly careless, give or take stupid, as sneaking out during the night to get their alcohol fix. With Hank in their presence no less. I won't even start on everything that's wrong with that picture.

Honestly, with all that could've happened in that timeframe and all that could've resulted from that: injuries, death; I can't fathom what any of them was thinking. Or not thinking as I'm lead to believe. I have, however, decided against notifying the Professor in the time being. What with Warren's and Bobby's conditions, they'd be less then unless in serving any punishments. If they wish to come clean at a later time with the Professor, then I leave that decision to them with suggestion of the afore mentioned.

Warren, Hank, Emma, Bobby: Though I dare not think of it, if this or anything of the sort ever occurs again, I won't hesitate to involve the Professor. Irresponsible behavior will not be accepted. I only hope I've prevented future conflicts, though you all should've realized for every action there's a consequence.


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