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It's just one of those days.

Luck Lady shuns me again. More precisely, the one day the Professor is off conferencing with parents of potential students--and I'm left to oversee--that the mansion would be infiltrated. Notwithstanding that a careless move on my part almost cost Piotr his life. I can't help but feel a rightfully fitting swell of guilt. The Professor did give me his unquestioning trust in being able to handle all operations within school boundaries, and I faltered on a moment when I could've ended the conflict cleanly. Even now, I realize that I could've prevented most of what had occurred had I been more level headed. I suppose for now I can come off being grateful that Piotr is well.

Naturally the Professor will be informed of everything in his absence, but that doesn't mean I won't dread that conversation. Everyone else will be notified of the incident as well, students and all. There's no telling if there will be any further attacks. I have reasonable doubt to believe that it's a highly probably possibility, yet I'm not willing to gamble the lives of students any more than I have.

I'm afraid I've spooked Jean, much as I've attempted to calm her in the time proceeding the event. I've honestly tried to tell her that my life was never in jeopardy several times this far. I don't mean to upset her, or hurt her--I never do, I never will. I didn't even want to mention this to her. I just know if I hadn't confronted her and she did find out--well, despite my intentions, I'm sure it'd hurt her much more than I can bargain for.

...Everyone's safe, I'm counting my blessings.
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