Scott "Cyclops" Summers (rubyshades) wrote,
Scott "Cyclops" Summers

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Never a Dull Day.

Yesterday was quite interesting...I'm a bit glad that things did happen as they did. Jean said most of what needed to be said, so I'll just agree with her. I can't say how grateful I am to have her to just talk with, I'd never get the same response from anyone else. Not even the Professor, whom I'm hoping will return sometime within the next day or so. Two days ago he left to rendezvous a second time with this one girl's family that was considering enrollment.

He called this morning, I suppose he didn't want to spook anyone. Either way, he seemed slightly distressed. Things were going so smoothly and he nearly had the family signing the papers to's a shame they suddenly pulled back. I haven't heard much else on the matter, other than to expect him back either tonight or the following morning.

Speaking of which, I want the mansion cleaned up before his arrival. That means everyone, especially you Drake. I thought I mentioned to stop building snow forts and snowmen in the school's halls. You'll be doing mopping duty, I want to see all those puddles gone.
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