Scott "Cyclops" Summers (rubyshades) wrote,
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Sandman's Cold Touch

The brown eyes of Scott Summers peered out the window to the cloud-dotted world beyond with a radiant energy of enthusiastic youth. Seated beside him was a younger blonde-headed boy, who was grinning just as much. Even within Scott's subconscious he couldn't place a name on the boy, yet the scene was so familar. Up front he could glimpse the outlines silhoutted against the pale blue background...

The ship gave a jerk, as though it were a pinball richoting about--hands swept him from his seat, forcing straps around his body, he could make out faint sounds of panic. The younger boy, face stained with tears, was pressed up to Scott with sudden haste. Without time to comprehend, they were both shunned to the outside...falling freely. From beyond the whistling of the wind against his ears, Scott could hear the fire tearing away at something above. Then all went silent, a blast wretching the metal bird apart and setting fire to the parachute which Scott had absent mindedly pulled. It slid down the ropes and snagged the youth whose silent screaming increased ten-fold. The wind whipped the boy from Scott's grip, a pleading hand outstretched as flames continued to consume his feeble body. cloaked him and spit back out in all directions gradually taking a shape. The silence broke with a deafening bird's cry, the firey entity making to claim Scott's limp hand. From within the center a female figure reached out her hand, inches from Scott's face, with the same pleading look that the boy had given him. The flame went out before their hands could meet, and she fell...

"JEAN!" The call was desperate, his mind still adjusting from the nighttime vision to reality. But he reached out to the spot beside him, mind only easing slightly at the touch of Jean's shoulder. Beads of cold sweat ran along the traces of his ruby confines. Finding her hand with his own quaking, he clasped it. She'd already risen, distraught at his erratic behavoir and offered a soothing hand to his cheek. There were no words between them, his need to know her existance pulled them together...that was all the comfort he needed.
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