Scott "Cyclops" Summers (rubyshades) wrote,
Scott "Cyclops" Summers

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Here We Go Again.

Last night's scheduled Danger Room session was a flub. Only Hank decided to show for it and despite his insisting to continue with the slight flaw in team members, I want to see everyone present. If anyone hasn't realized this by now then I don't how else to say it: the X-Men are a team. There's no excuse for cutting sessions. I know you two, Bobby and Warren, have had enough experience to acknowledge your duties as an X-Man. Either be there or tell me you can't make it. Don't assume I know everything. ...I'll be expecting explainations, if you fail to convince me I won't think twice about getting the Professor involved. The last thing we need is a team fighting like amateurs against Lord knows what.

I know I haven't spent much time logging anything but lectures, but until this outfit shapes up, it'll have to do.
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