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Farther Into the Beast.

Hopefully Logan will have better chances at aligning Danger Room sessions than myself. I have in any case been busy helping the Professor with his own cut of work, he's been truely set on solving this whole episode of our mystery villian. I have my worries with this as well, at times he trails off in a conversation into a pensive state of silence. I only hope he's in better light of our situation than he makes himself out to be. It's somewhat frustrating to be left out of his knowledge. I suppose I've grown too used to the idea of being well informed.

I haven't spoken with Jean much either, she has her hands full with the current Rogue emergency. The entire story behind that isn't within my knowing right now, but I can say that to have a loss of members right now is doing us no good. I expect everyone to be on their toes, the Professor has granted some relief in that there is a lead on our suspect. It may only be a matter of time before the battle is staged.
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