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I won't say I'm not surprised.

It's typical that Warren and Bobby would be stirring up some sort of trouble. Natch, I'd only expect that of them--possibly even Ms. Frost whom, I've no bias in saying, should consider her words before she says them. But never--NEVER--in my life would I have thought any of them to pull something so incredibly careless, give or take stupid, as sneaking out during the night to get their alcohol fix. With Hank in their presence no less. I won't even start on everything that's wrong with that picture.

Honestly, with all that could've happened in that timeframe and all that could've resulted from that: injuries, death; I can't fathom what any of them was thinking. Or not thinking as I'm lead to believe. I have, however, decided against notifying the Professor in the time being. What with Warren's and Bobby's conditions, they'd be less then unless in serving any punishments. If they wish to come clean at a later time with the Professor, then I leave that decision to them with suggestion of the afore mentioned.

Warren, Hank, Emma, Bobby: Though I dare not think of it, if this or anything of the sort ever occurs again, I won't hesitate to involve the Professor. Irresponsible behavior will not be accepted. I only hope I've prevented future conflicts, though you all should've realized for every action there's a consequence.
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