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Seeing Red

Scott "Cyclops" Summers
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S c o t t _ S u m m e r s
"Mutation. It is the key to our evolution. It has enabled us to evolve from a single-celled organism into the dominant species on the planet. This process is slow and normally taking thousands and thousands of years. But every few hundred millennia, evolution leaps forward."
-Closing Monologue; X2.
Role Play Profile: Cyclops

Name: Scott "Slim" Summers

Codename: Cyclops

Age: 21

Height: 6'3

Weight: 160lbs

Eye Color: Originally brown, red from mutation

Hair Color: Brown

Appearance: As his nickname suggests, he's slim. Or atleast for a 6'3" guy. Cursed by an accidental head injury, he no longer can control the concussive optic blasts that emit from his eyes, and is resigned to wear some form of ruby quartz lens at all times. Casually that means a pair of glasses, when combatting Scott opts to a visor which allows him greater control and accuracy over blasts.

Disposition: The others will say he's the goody two shoes of the outfit, dependent on order and systems. Sure, he's uptight and it comes off as more jerk-like than anything, but he's just doing what he feels a leader is expected to do. The pressure from such responsiblity comes at a cost, at times even the slightest mistake can set off Scott's temper. Currently he's settled down with Jean Grey, his long time love, despite a little turbulence with other team members. Even so, it's only on the rare occasion that Scott'll crack open a little and smile.

Known Superhuman Powers: Scott absorbs ambient energy from his environment (sunlight and electricity) and stores it within his body's cells, metabolizing the energy in order to open a dimensional aperture through his eyes and unleash a form of energy as heatless blasts of concussive force which can only be contained with a ruby quartz lens.

History: Scott Summers is one of two sons (Alexander being the other) born to Christopher and Kathrine Anne. On a homeward bound flight from Anchorage the Summers family had witnessed a Shi'ar Imperial Freighter materialize--the Shi'ar, fearing any witnesses set the plane ablaze. Using the only parachute on board, Scott and Alex's mother strapped Scott in and tied Alex in after, pushing both boys from the firey plane. Both parents were teleported from the plane to the Shi'ar craft to be kept as specimens captured from Earth. Scott and Alex's parachute however lit up in the explosion of the plane, luckily Scott's concussive blasts manifested at that time and both boys were able to land safely. Or atleast in one piece, Scott had suffered slight brain damage to the portion of his brain allowing him to control his mutant gift.

Both Alex and Scott were shipped to an orphanage which was run behind the scenes by Mr. Sinister, who believed Scott to have great potiental, and had Alex adopted off. Sinister continued to plague Scott's life, taking form of several people in the orphanage to befriend Scott and keep a close eye on him. All failed, however and Scott runaway--escaping police and other situations thereafter before landing in with Jack O'Diamonds. Jack used Scott as his body guard basically, commanding him to kill without hesitating, but Scott wouldn't. Professor Xavier turns up and battles Jack over Scott, Jack eventually losing. With Jack gone, Xavier explained his concept of the X-Men to Scott, who joined as the first X-Man, Cyclops. Later came Iceman (Bobby Drake), Angel (Warren Kenneth Worthington III), Beast (Hank McCoy), and Marvel Girl (Jean Grey). After graduation, Scott was promoted to team leader. His affections for teammate Jean Grey were surpressed, Scott feelings his duty as leader would interfere and vice versa. In a chat with Jean, he did manage to open up a little and let Jean know how he felt. Just recently the two were hitched...
[Scott's uhm...not real, so don't bug me about it. Merely a roleplay journal used for next_phase give Marvel and Stan Lee all the credit for ol' Cyke.]